Saturday 10 March 2012

The final countdown... FanstRAvaganza 3!!

For those not familiar with the concept: FanstRAvaganza is a week of fun, friendship and fandom and especially a lot of blogging about our favourite Brit, Richard Armitage.

Richard Armitage at a 2011 photoshoot for Recognise Magazine
Never heard of Richard Armitage? Don't really see what the big deal is? No problemo! You'll know all about him from his fans all over the world if you join us in this week of extravagant RA blogging fun.

I've already introduced the core team of FanstRAvaganza bloggers, and you can find them in a list on the right-hand side of this page. This year, there will also be a team of bloggers, the tagteam, who will post throughout the week and will link to previous and upcoming posts so you can easily surf your way through the RA blogosphere.

I'm extremely honoured to introduce my fellow tagteamers (in alphabetical order).
Be sure to check out their blogs!

- A is for Armitage
- An Obsessed Fanatic
- Avalon's Realm
- C.S. Winchester
- Cerridwen Speaks
- Do I Have a Blog?
- Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Country Life
- Feminéma
- Fly High!
- Funky Blue Dandelion
- I Want to be a Pinup!
- Just Another Armitage Fan
- La Loba
- Me, My Thoughts & Richard Armitage
- Melanie's Musings
- Mr John Thornton
- Musings & Other Enigmas
- Phylly's Faves
- Searching for MY Mr. Darcy
- Something About Love (A)
- thearmitageeffect
- y que iba yo a contar
- White Rose: Sincere and Simple Thoughts

FanstRAvaganza hits the blogosphere from 12 to 18 March 2012. Enjoy!!

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