Tuesday 21 May 2013

Random thoughts: 'I do' love the fashion!

In the last month and a half or so, I've been to 3 weddings.

Looking back on them, I realise that all three of them were completely different, but each one was the perfect wedding for that specific bride and groom. They had completely different ceremonies, completely different vows. One couple had a church wedding, another had a personalised ceremony at the town hall or just a simple, short, legal wedding.

One couple had a large wedding party that lasted halfway through the night and another simply had a reception with family and friends or even a family dinner.

The choices they made for their wedding day were the best choices for that particular bride and groom. The details that reflected their personalities made every one of these weddings really their day.
The best way for me to show you the differences, is by showing you the brides and their beautiful, but very different wedding dresses. I loved all three and I wish these beautiful brides all the best for the future!

Oh, and before I forget: the grooms scrub up rather nicely as well, don't they? ;-)

Which dress do you like best?

A white, heart-shaped corset dress with layered skirt. Long in the back,
shorter in the front, showing off the brides beautiful legs! And lovely peep-toe heels!

A short, A-line dress with heart shaped corset top. The bright red is perfectly matched with the short ivory-coloured jacket with red embroidery details and ivory-coloured heels.

This is the more traditional dress. White, with a long, smooth skirt. The sassy detail is the open back (which, unfortunately, you can't see in this picture) I love the collar - she really does look like a fairytale princess!

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