Wednesday 19 December 2012

Gone in 60 seconds

Two brilliant new interviews: one in which Martin Freeman interviews Richard Armitage and one where Richard interviews Martin. Funny, adorable, sexy (that voice!)... these guys are so funny together!

What I've learned:
- There's somebody out there who is even worse at telling jokes than I am :-)

- RA prefers wine to beer... As I'm belgian, it would be almost sacrilege for me not to like beer at all, but I have a definite preference for wine. My new favourite is a Sauvignon Blanc from the Stoneleigh vinyards in New Zealand ;-)

- RA had a 'relationship' with his horse - Good to hear that he got along with HER after his rather 'difficult' relationship with Richie, his horse for Robin Hood... :-§

- He trusts the judgement of a stylist to make him look good. Now, I know we agree that this man would look good wearing a plastic bag (and not much else, winkwink), but he's right that his stylist for the press tour for The Hobbit has made him look absolutely gorgeous (Best dressed list gorgeous, that is!). Can I get a big round of applause for Miss Ilaria Urbinati?

- RA is a bit of a fitness freak... lifting weights because he "would not want to be a fat dude". I love people who like to suffer the pain of sports, and appreciate the incredible feeling you get when you've put your body through an extensive workout :-)

- He's sticking to his guns (!) about social media, but he prefers making that perfect shot with a bow and arrow... good, I don't like guns anyway, unless we're referring to a specific part of RA's body; in that case: I love guns! ;-)

Oh, and can I just bring everybody's attention back to that voice... That's dip-me-in-chocolate, tingles-down-my-spine, rich velvet voice? Not even Thorin's voice can top the real thing! Enjoy!!

MAX 60 Seconds with Richard Armitage - Thank you Cinemax!!

And MAX 60 Seconds with Martin Freeman:


  1. Come home, Richie - all is forgiven! Even if what's name with the mane is nicer and infinitely more attractive. (Shut up, Owen.)


  2. These interviews were great! The Hobbit Media strategists should just send Richard and Martin on the road by themselves. Love them!

  3. These vids make my heart sing. Two guys just larking around as though they're in the pub together.

    And yes that sinfully delicious RA voice never fails to thrill me.

  4. "Sinfully delicious" sums it up perfectly. ;) LOVE the interaction between these guys. You can certainly tell they are very comfortable with each other! What fun all of them must have had during that long filming period. Richard did say, I think, that he had made some very good friends and it shows. :D

    1. I'm so happy for him - not only was The Hobbit the experience of a lifetime, but the friendships that were formed during filming will also last a lifetime!