Thursday 22 August 2013


Happy Birthday, Richard Armitage!!

Ah, 42, the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything!! :-)

Mr. Armitage, dear Richard, I hope you have a wonderful day with a nice bottle of red wine, lots of chocolate ice cream or birthday cake (or both!) and the very best of friends to sing "Happy Birthday" to you.

My birthday wish is that in your 43rd year on this earth, we will find you on stage in London's West End and I eagerly await the day when you will grace us with a musical performance on the cello ;-) . That would allow me to tick 2 important items off of my own bucket list! And maybe you'll get closer to the top of Mount Everest as well...

Happy Armitage Day to all !!


  1. I love your sticky note message! I hope you have a happy day too. 😄

    1. The sticky note message on the wall was a very last-minute idea... and it probably shows! But I had fun creating it :-)

  2. Yes, I hope you can cross those items off your bucket list too. Very cool bulletin board! How fun!

  3. I hope we can see him playing flute also.