Monday 6 August 2012

A birthday countdown in pictures (#6)

I call these: "A portrait of the artist as a young man".

I know, I "borrowed" the title from James Joyce. It's not Joyce in this picture, though, and I see 2 artists in these pictures, in fact.

First of all, I see a young Claude Monet, a brilliant artist who made this world a more beautiful place by the lovely paintings he created.  

And secondly, I see Richard Armitage. Or actually, I don't see him at all, and the way he manages to make himself disappear into the characters he plays is exactly what makes him a brilliant artist in his own right.

The pictures show Richard Armitage as the young Claude Monet in the BBC's The Impressionists, a series in 3 parts from 2006. I am again obliged to for the screencaps from the series. Oh, and did you know that now also has a Facebook page? Show your support and 'Like' the page now!!

What's a birthday without a birthday present? But what do you get the man who's living his dream?
This year, consider donating to one of Richard's selected charities (Shelter, The Salvation Army, Childline and Barnardo's) - visit his
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  1. I love Monet. That was the role which made me fall for RA. Reveals that he is a gifted actor :)

    PD: facebook OK! thanks for the info ^_^

  2. I think The Impressionists was the 3rd series I saw Richard in and I loved it. I learned a lot about the Impressionist Artists and didn't realize that Monet, Renoir, Degas, et al, were contemporaries. I'm so glad I "met" Richard Armitage :) Another good "day"!

  3. I thought Richard was perfect as Monet. I too learned things about the Impressionists that I had no idea of, even though I was familiar with some of his work. The fact that they used the real locations in the series made it extra special I think. Such beautiful places and that amazing light! Richard certainly does have this uncanny ability to "become" the characters he portrays so that you forget it is him you are watching! :)