Wednesday 8 August 2012

A birthday countdown in pictures (#8)

Welcome to another episode in the countdown to Armitage Day, the day that we celebrate our favourite man's birthday...

Today, I wanted to share a few images from my favourite Spooks interview. Richard was interviewed by Heather Hugues of on 25 June 2010 to promote season 9 of Spooks.

Richard Armitage talks about season 9 of Spooks and reveals that Lucas North is not who we think he is... He's not even who Richard thought he was!

What I love about this interview?

1. Richard looks exceptionally good: to me, he's the perfect mix of Himself and Lucas North
2. He's relaxed and seems to be having a wonderful time
3. His answers are very intelligent, well thought-through and genuine
4. He smiles, often!
5. There's a mischievous twinkle in his eyes...
6. And those eyes are bright blue (thanks to the blue shirt and the light colour of the wall)
7. He uses his hands and (I think I've said this before) I love a man who speaks with his hands! It enhances the storytelling and illustrates his thoughts, it makes it look as if he's making an effort to give the best answer he could possibly give and it gives the entire interview a nice rhythm
8. I especially love the sound of his voice in this interview

If you want to listen to the man's beautiful velvet voice yourself, here's the video:

The video was taken from Youtube, the pictures came from my number one resource for anything related to Richard Armitage,

What's a birthday without a birthday present? But what do you get the man who's living his dream?
This year, consider donating to one of Richard's selected charities (Shelter, The Salvation Army, Childline and Barnardo's) - visit his
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  1. Lovely interview, lovely voice, hands, eyes, intelligence, lovely man!