Monday 6 February 2012

Giving my body a break...

Here it is… my very first blog post that has absolutely nothing (?) to do with a certain beautiful Brit.
This week, winter finally came to Belgium. And boy, did I know it! I just spent a week at home, in bed, recovering from a rather painful ear infection. That was no fun at all. And did I mention that it was painful? And being ill was boring!
The pain is now mostly gone and I’m going back to work tomorrow (Monday), but this week has made me realise that I have not exactly been kind to my body lately. A lack of sleep, many hours at work, stress, not always the healthiest food, and a lack of proper exercise have made my body weak. No wonder that it caved the second the weather got worse! And I paid the price.
So this week, I’m going to give my body a break. And not even just a break, I’m going to pamper it relentlessly!! I know a week is very short, but it's a start, and I'm sure I'll feel the difference!
This is the plan:
  • Detox: Make time for breakfast every morning, limit the caffeine intake, drink water and herbal tea, stay away from sugary snacks, chocolate and alcohol
  • Exercise: spend 30 minutes a day (or more) on exercise
  • Taking care of the outside: my skin, my hair, my face, my legs, my hands, my nails, my back, my feet,…
  • Getting enough sleep: this is the most difficult one for me as my brain seems to wake up at about 10pm and I find it extremely hard to go to bed before at least 1am. But I’ll try…
I won’t bore you with every detail of my week, but I’ll try to share one of my ‘easy ways to pamper yourself’ every day this week. If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to share!
I’m officially starting this detox week tomorrow, but I started today with an extremely easy way to pamper myself. After my shower, I allowed my skin to enjoy my favourite body lotion, a super-soft moisturiser for my face and another one for my hands. Yes, you probably do that every day, especially in winter. But today, I applied it more than once, a few times even. And now, my skin feels beautifully soft and healthy and it smells great – and I feel good!!
And here’s a little treat to motivate me... I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist just one picture! Need to pamper my eyes as well! :-)
Richard Armitage as Lucas North in Series 7 of Spooks

Stay tuned for more and stay warm!


  1. I hope your body continues to heal quickly. Pampering yourself definitely sounds like it is in order. And your absolutely right, you can't neglect those eyes of yours. ;)

    1. Thank you!
      Well, I don't know whether that picture will help me heal, but it will definitely make me smile! :-)

  2. Good for you! Keep us informed as to your progress :) I love that you pampered your eyes as well. Thanks for pampering mine :)

  3. The eyes are very important! :)

    Glad you're feeling better.

  4. Atta girl, Inge! We all need to take care of ourselves. I've been doing the sleepless bit this week myself. Thanks for the inspiration to focus on me for a change.
    Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. I love your "I" therapy. I think I'll borrow it. Ha!