Saturday 25 February 2012

Shame on me...

... for neglecting my blog for so very long! Don't worry, I'll make it up to you in the coming days, I promise! Starting today with the final part of the 30-day Richard Armitage Challenge. My replies to questions 21 to 30.
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21.A role of his I haven’t seen, but would like to.
I would have loved to see Richard when he was in Cats, just because it would have been so wonderful to see him dance!!
22.Your least favourite photo.
The suit is wrong. The hair is wrong. The shoes are wrong. The moves are wrong. So not him.
Yes, I know I just said that I would love to see him dance. But not like this. Please.

23.A confession.
I love Lucas North. Can’t help it. Gisborne, Porter, Thorin, Ricky, Harry, Standring, Thornton. I love them all, but I absolutely LOVE Lucas North.

24.A cameo role you would like to see.
If they ever make a film of Spooks, I hope there will be a flashback to Lucas North. I love Lucas North. Did I say that before? J

25.An audio book you would like him to record.
The Hobbit, LOTR, North & South (of course!), anything by Jane Austen, Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, one of Mo Hayder’s thrillers.
Listen to Richard read a tiny part of the proposal scene in North & South.

26.Your favourite website and/or blog.
My own blog, of course:
Check the ‘blogs I love section’ on the right-hand side for more fantastic blogs!
27.Your favourite gif(s).
Go to Bccmee’s Richard Armitage Vid’s & graphics page for original GIFs, and other fabulously designed graphics work! Don’t ask me to select a favourite, I simply can’t…
28.Your favourite character outfit.
Guy of Gisborne in leather… of course! Especially in Season 2 of Robin Hood.
The belt, the gloves, the Guyliner, the boots, the spurs, the hair, the eyes… indeed, Gizzy looks pretty good!!

29.Your favourite personal look.
Richard tends to dress like the character that he’s playing. We’ve recognised Lucas North’s jeans and shirts in TV interviews and Porter’s leather jacket has also made an appearance.
The discussions about the hair and especially the beard continue with every new picture that is released. I personally like the beard a lot. And the short hair. And I think Richard looks completely adorable in this screencap from Peter Jackson’s videoblog from the set of The Hobbit. So this is my favourite personal look.

30.Your favourite picture.
This is so difficult! I love so many pictures for so many different reasons.
Here’s one that literally took my breath away when I first saw it. It's from the photo and video shoot for Project Magazine.


  1. The blue dancer photo is hilarious - a pic he might like to have buried/consigned to flames? He does a beard so well. Hair, short or long, dark or brown?: no matter,the distinctive and distingue features are paramount. Thank you for the review!


    1. I'm sure he's not loving me for reminding everyone of that awful picture LOL!!

  2. The dancer photo makes me laugh; it definitely doesn't fit his image. So many great answers. I still have a thing about Lucas even though I don't want to. LOL!

    1. Thanks for your comment RAFrenzy. That's the thing about Lucas... he gets under your skin, whether you like it or not!

  3. The dancing Richard photo is a riot. But taken in the context that I believe it occurred during the 2003 Cold Feet photo shoot--with those amazing abs shots--I've often wondered if he were dancing for time, to get out of having to bare his chest. Ha!
    Great choices! Cheers! Grati
    P.S. Here is that RANet link to the dancing abs. Ha!

    1. The abs are definitely worth watching more than the awful dance moves LOL!!
      Thanks for your comment Gratiana!

  4. Great choices. That photo of him dancing always makes me cringe (I imagine he probably cringes when he sees it too).

    1. Yes, I'm sure it's on his own list of 'things I wish I hadn't done when there was a camera around'!