Friday 14 December 2012

A little gem of an RA interview

This interview is brilliant - had me laughing out loud!! :-)

There will be more in-depth analysis of the film and the previous weeks and days very soon, but as it's already 01:40am here, I need to get some sleep first. Or maybe I'll just quickly watch this interview again... ;-)

Richard Armitage on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight- Toronto, Canada
Video shared on Youtube by TheHour


  1. George is well known for being a terrific interviewer and he certainly doesn't disappoint here. He listens intently to Richard (or whoever he happens to be talking to at the time) and, what to me is crucial, gives him time to answer the questions in depth.

    I wonder if Richard knew beforehand about the fan video being shown. As the time for it became closer his normal "stillness" seemed to desert him somewhat and after it was shown it seemed as if he'd like to shrink down to his Thorin size, especially when he said, "Don't talk about the Speedos!" and pulled his jacket together!! Too funny!:)

  2. Well, obviously all that stunt training is paying off. The attack was lightning-fast, wasn't it? Unless that was pre-planned, i'd have to say the interviewer handled it very well, he must have been quite stunned in that split second !