Tuesday 4 December 2012

Thirty Days to Thorin (17) - Good questions!

Can I just say to Richard Crouse: This was a wonderful interview. Thank you for allowing this intelligent man to speak! Your questions were very good and Richard's answers are always extremely insightful and so well thought-through. I love hearing him speak about his love for these books, these films, his sense of responsibility for the correct portrayal of Thorin, his research into Tolkien's reasons for and messages in The Hobbit. And even about his acting process - now that piece of information is a true gem! Thank you! 

And then this: "I'll certainly give it to my kids"

Excuse me, I need to listen to this again!

Listen to the interview on Youtube

And here's a picture for you to enjoy while you listen to RA's beautiful voice:

Richard Armitage and Thorin Oakenshield were both in Toronto, Canada today!


  1. The freshest and most thoughtful interview since Vulpis Lupus. And that was a long time ago. Armitage's insights freshly presented in new contexts and perspectives.(Um, is he 6'2" and half, or 6'3" and a half? :D)

    Thanks for posting the interview.


  2. I got a giggle out of the height thing! Poor guy! He must be seriously jet-lagged! It sure made me sit up and take notice when I heard him say that about "his kids". How I'd love to see him with a family. (They'd be gorgeous, wouldn't they?) Seriously though, for his own sake I think it would be wonderful.

  3. I would love to see that too. Just hope the girl will be worthy of him :) And, hopefully, quite a bit younger. Fertility issues are not fun.