Saturday 1 December 2012

Thirty Days to Thorin (14) - Konichiwa in leather!

So I wake up this morning to find my Facebook wall and Twitter timeline full of pictures and video from the press conference and premiere for The Hobbit in Japan.

First of all: Richard Armitage in leather! Both at the press conference and later at the premiere, he wears leather. Talk about pleasing the fans: he brings back a little bit of Guy of Gisborne, just for us! :-)

Richard Armitage and Elijah Wood at the premiere for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in Japan - 1 December 2012.
Picture (screenshot) from the image gallery of

Secondly, both Martin Freeman and Peter Jackson had some extremely nice things to say about Richard: about him as a person, about him as an actor and about what he brings to the character of Thorin. I was completely blown away by what they said, and by the man himself... again!

I thought about putting some quotes in this blogpost, but decided agains it because you need to hear it from their own mouths. And please, look at how RA reacts to what they say, especially after Jackson sings his praises about Richard as Thorin. Such a humble, thankful, respectful reaction - tingles down my spine!

You can see the entire press conference on Youtube thanks to but you especially need to see part 4 - Enjoy!


  1. Love this! Thanks for providing the RACentral vid link to part 4 of the Japanese Press Conference. I had only known about it and watched the last 10 minutes last night. So I had missed Sir PJ's lovely comments about RA.

  2. So, I managed to get some more info on the suit: according to his extremely talented stylist, this suit is not leather but waxed wool. New to me, but it looks incredible. And it's by Calvin Klein.
    Oh, and you may be interested to know that Richard will be wearing a tux to the London premiere! Mmmm...I'm certainly looking forward to that!