Friday 17 August 2012

A birthday countdown in pictures (#16)

There's finally proof of Richard's return to designer stubble. The beard is indeed gone! As you all know by now, I really loved that beard. But I have to admit that it's good to see his face again. Basically, it's just good to see him: it looks like the RA drought is finally over!

As those new pictures were all over the Twitter and Facebook today, I decided not to post them here. Actually, I suddenly realised that after 16 days of this countdown, I have not posted one single picture of Richard as Guy of Gisbourne. (This one doesn't really count, right?) Shame on me!!

So, I tried to find the very best picture of Sir Guy but, as you can probably guess, that's an impossible task as almost every single one of them looks incredible.

Here's my favourite Black Knight:

One thing I've realised, looking at my selection: I like him in close-up! :-)

Whenever I think of Richard playing King Richard III, I imagine him looking like Guy of Gisbourne. That reminds me, I have a review to publish of a book about the reign of Richard III. So much to do, so little time... :-) That's coming soon!

Enjoy your Guy Day tomorrow!

What's a birthday without a birthday present? But what do you get the man who's living his dream?
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  1. I was wondering when you would get around to Guy. Boy, did you ever get around to Guy!!! A very big S I G H !!!!!

  2. Yummy pix! Richard Armmitage is so "Guy-li-cious"!

  3. Thanks for all these wonderful Gorgeous Guy photos. You just made Guy-day Friday so much better! :) I agree with you about the close ups!! One thing I love is how he has the ability to show so much of the whites of his eyes at times and to great effect I have to say! Quite riveting!! ;)